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The Power of a LinkedIn Endorsement




Whether you are in currently working in a job, between jobs, in school, working on your setting up own business, or are your own boss, we all have the need to get ourselves recognized for the work that we do.

Sure there’s the psychological aspect that it feels great to be rewarded with nice, genuine complements of our work ethic and work product and how we may have help another person in a crisis. It’s definitely a great feeling when you do get those endorsements.

On LinkedIn, we have been able to recommend our fellow contacts for quite some time. It can definitely be tough or awkward to say to someone who you don’t work with anymore, “Would you be able to write a recommendation for me… on LinkedIn?” The age of the typed out letter of recommendations are dwindling down and I feel checking out someone’s LinkedIn profile and seeing a few recommendations is really impressive. I would take it that if a fellow recruiter were to see that a bunch of people endorsed your excel skill, then you must be pretty good at it. I’m sure that if I am recruiting for a position which is heavy on excel, you will most likely be one person I am going to contact to talk with if your experience is in line with the role’s requirements.

On the side of the person writing the recommendation, you never really know what to say. “How should I start it off?” “Am I sugar coating him or her?” “Am I not being nice enough?” “Oh man, I wish I remembered the type of person he or she was. It’s totally been a long time!” Sure, these are the challenges for any person making a recommendation but LinkedIn took this to the next level just two short weeks ago.

On September 24th, LinkedIn released their Endorsements module. You can now endorse people by clicking on their skills or suggesting skills for them that you are confident they have shined. It’s much more simpler than finding the right order of words to commend a former co-worker or friend.

Here is an sample of how your endorsements would look on your profile where you can see those who have endorsed you:

From just these two weeks, my feed has been blown up with notifications that people are endorsing others. This seems like it is definitely catching on and very quickly to say the least.

Whether you are looking for a new job, between jobs, in college, starting your own business or promoting your own business these endorsements will give recruiters or customers another view of how good you are.

My advice is: get endorsed. But first go take a few minutes to go through your connections and endorse others first. It will make their day that you are recognizing them for a special skill or experience. Once you start endorsing, others will start endorsing you and then soon enough, you will have a growing number of endorsements, which will help in any situation that you are in. It is also very quick and easy to do and once someone endorses someone, it goes to your LinkedIn feed which means that all of your connections will see it and think of a time when you shined and will click to your profile and endorse you for one of your skills.

Since my last LinkedIn post on “Helpful Tips to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile”,  I’ve since updated my headline and included a summary. With some free time this weekend, I am going to be tuning into LinkedIn and endorse some of my connections. As we all know, what goes around comes around and if you endorse others, they will come back and endorse you.

Definitely, take some time out of your busy schedule and help improve your brand and start endorsing! If you need help, you can check out LinkedIn’s presentation here.

If you feel the need to endorse me, go right ahead. I will forever be appreciative!

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