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A Lesson on Teamwork in the Workplace



For the past two weeks, I have unfortunately been rather busy. I blame the MLB playoffs for this.

As a Bronx native, I am a big Yankees fan and so you can imagine at this point, that I am pretty upset after being swept by the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS. I’m over …

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The Power of a LinkedIn Endorsement



Whether you are in currently working in a job, between jobs, in school, working on your setting up own business, or are your own boss, we all have the need to get ourselves recognized for the work that we do.

Sure there’s the psychological aspect that it feels great to be rewarded with …

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The Secret to Increasing Your Productivity



Many people ask this question all of the time. We always wonder how we can accomplish everything we set out to do in a day. Companies always wonder how they can inspire their employees to increase productivity.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article that my co-worker sent to me this past Wednesday, …

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Helpful Tips to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile



In 2008, as I finished up my Master’s Degree in Human Resources Administration from the University of Scranton I had to do a thesis project. Since I’ve always had an interest in the Internet, I further researched the benefits and limitations of social networks on recruitment. You can even check it out on …

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A Reflection on 9/11/2001 – We Will Never Forget



11 years ago today, our lives changed. Everyone who lived that day can tell you where they were, what they were doing and maybe even have a “what if” story that described how their lives were spared. Millions of these reflections have travelled through countless conversation for the past 11 years …

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10 Simple Tips for Effective Infographics



Have you ever seen one of these really creative visually appealing graphics that suck your attention into the intricacies of their statistical information? Have you ever been amazed at how colorful and visually soothing these graphics can be on your eyes? Have you ever been intrigued at the facts that you learn from …

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How Can We Increase Loyalty in the Workplace?




Have you ever wondered that you can learn how to increase loyalty in the workplace from watching AMC’s hit television show, Breaking Bad?

If you haven’t watched a single episode, you have no idea what you are missing. Sure, all of the Breaking Bad fans out there are chuckling as I …

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Change Lives: Raise over $4,000 for your Charitable Cause with these 9 Social Fundraising Tips



Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Glenn Petriello to promote his fundraising efforts for the 2012 Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City’s RBC Race for the Kids to be held on September 29, 2012. This post is not associated in conjunction with BBBS of NYC and is strictly the content

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Is There a Future for QR Codes in Human Resources?



Have you ever seen one of these boxes where there is a bunch of square dots arranged in various patterns? Have you ever seen someone stop and scan one of these weird looking boxes?

If you have, then you must be familiar with the QR code also known as the Quick Response Code. …

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Building a Social Community One Connection at a Time



Take a moment and imagine your life without interacting with anyone or anything.

Life would be pretty boring, right? You’d probably be feeling deserted, trapped in a bubble, a stranger to society – very unfulfilling to say the least.

Without interacting with family, friends or co-workers you’d probably feel lost, lonely and have …

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